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 Shanxi Kotel Aerospace Defense Technology Co.,Ltd.was founded in May 1999 with registered capital 360 million Yuan and more than 600 staff. The company is a “national-level hi-tech enterprise”“national-level micro mechanical inertial navigation system economic mobilization center”. The company owns 19 patents, 14 scientific and technological achivements and 25 software copyrights.

           Kotel’s products have been widely used in defense industry likemeasurement and control system, ammunition guide and control system, weapon system, military informatization and so on. At the same time, taking advantage of military technology, Kotel provides key products and testing services in areas like moon exploration project and Long March carrier rocket, and has been the domestic first-class supplier of the overall informatization solution in the area of the food and drug supervision informatization and the government agency and enterprise informatization.

           Looking ahead, KOTEL will regard “integration of informatization and intellectualization, civil-military integration” as strategic guidelines, replying on dual-use technology platform, provide the overall solution integrated the intellectualization and the informatization for the customers in defense and civil area, strive to become the domestic first-class high-tech enterprise and the private military industry leading enterprise.

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