Company Strategy
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Our mission:

With continuous innovation, gain long-term competitiveness and realize harmonious development of customers, employees, shareholders, and the society.

Our vision:

KOTEL is dedicated to continuous innovation and seizes the historic opportunity brought about by informatization and intellectualization to advance technological progress in its sector and to become a domestically leading and world renowned hi-tech enterprise, contributing to social progress.

        Strategic Policy

   Regarding “integration of informatization and intellectualization, civil-military integration” as strategic guidelines, replying on dual-use technology platform, provide the overall solution integrated the intellectualization and the informatization for the customers in defense and civil area.

Operation principle:

Attach equal importance to technology innovation and management innovation; lay equal stress on marketing and R & D.

Corporate Culture:

Core value: innovation, development, responsibility, integrity, and cooperation

Enterprise spirit: cheetah spirit, innovative, enterprising, and ceaselessly running for excellence.


 “Innovation” is important to hi-tech enterprises what sunlight and air are to the nature. The value of “innovation” to KOTEL is reflected in all aspects of enterprise management: institutional innovation, mechanism innovation, management innovation, and product innovation, etc.. the unprecedented business sector means comprehensive innovation that has no former examples to follow.
        The high speed and rapid pace is one of the characteristics of the New Economy Era. Naturally, speed becomes the factor of commercial competition. In the background of the New Economy market, “fast fish eats slow fish” has become the rule generally followed by the business circles. Only in this way, can the enterprise gain healthy development and inevitable prosperity.
        The proposal of “cheetah spirit” adopts the expression technique of conveying meaning by animal. “Cheetah”, as the carrier of KOTEL enterprise spirit vividly highlights emphasis of the spirit and distinct characters of KOTEL.
The nature’s rule of survival of the fittest endows cheetah with incomparable running speed and vigorous energy. 

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