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          On 29th May 2012, KOTEL conducted merger and acquisition to Shanxi Guangyuan Technology Co. Ltd. which had first class qualification of computer information system integration.

On 13th Jun. 2012, KOTEL conducted merger and acquisition to Beijing Jingnu Measurement and Control Technology Co. Ltd. and Beijing Jingdaozhiyuan Technology Co. Ltd.

In Apr. 2013, KOTEL set up branch offices in Beijing and Xi’an respectively.

In Nov. 2013, KOTEL developed a high performance tension sensor that successfully supported the third phase of “Chang’e Project”, a remarkable lunar exploration project, thus establishing cooperative relationship with the 5th Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. 

On June 28th 2010,Liang Guanglie, the member of the Central Military Commission, member of State Council and Vice Chairman of National Defense Mobilization Commission arrived at the company for the job inspection in the company of Yuan Chunqing Shanxi secretary of a provincial Party committee, Li Xiaopeng vice-governor of Shanxi Province and Fang Wenshan the military commander of the Shanxi Military Region, highly appreciating the achievements our company had got.

In September 2011, the Economic Mobilization Center of the National Micromechanical Inertial Navigation System was formally established in our company.

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