Measurement and Control Branch
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Measurement and Control Branch is mainly responsible for sales, R & D, and manufacturing of sensors, recorders, testing devices, and testing systems and software, as well as supplying various testing solutions and services.

Measurement and Control Branch sets up a complete management system of ten departments in all, including department of marketing, department of general management, department of equipment research and development, department of overall design, department of electrical design, department of software design, department of technology, department of procurement, department of manufacturing, and department of quality inspection. The branch employs about 200 people, among whom 13% are masters, 68% are bachelor or above. General Manager of the branch is Mr. Liu Guozhong, senior engineer, technology leader of KOTEL, senior expert, and provincial-level candidate of new century academic and technology leader 333 talent project.

Measurement and Control Branch provides customers with complete testing solutions in measurement and control area including equipment, system, software, and service. After years of research and development, many technologies have been leading their industries, such as sensing signal processing, temperature compensation and measurement, inertial parameter measurement, data acquisition storage, flight data telemetry, and data protection, etc.. Products include sensor series such as acceleration sensor, angular velocity sensor, pressure sensor, and temperature sensor, etc., data recorder series, storage and test system, and flight data telemetry system. Among them, products of data recorder series have taken the lead in the industry, accounting for 70% of national market share. Telemetry sensor series have also stepped into front ranks of the industry. Main clients of measurement and control business are institutes and factories in sectors like aerospace, weapons, ships, and army. With strong scientific research strength and years of product development and professional design experience, the branch is able to provide customers with high quality of customized service and industry solutions, and thus enjoys high reputation for its products.

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