Ammunition Guidance System Branch
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 Ammunition Guidance System Branch is committed to becoming a professional provider for ammunition guidance system, and responsible for research of conventional ammunition guidance technology. The branch’s businesses involves mainly R & D, design, manufacturing and sales of products like microelectronics, micro-sensor, testing system, integrated circuits, and electronic module, offering high-quality products and solutions to customers in military and civilian sectors.

Ammunition Guidance System Branch has cutting-edge technology capability like anti high overload and miniaturized measurement and control, able to provide solution according to customer requirement. Its products feature low cost, high performance, and short development period. Main products include on-board computer, inertial measurement unit, inertial navigation system solution, terminal guidance system solution, and flight control system solution. Main clients include the 1stAcademy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Jinan Aircraft Repair Factory, and China Airborne Missile Academy etc..

Ammunition Guidance System Branch follows KOTEL’s development strategy: dedicating to continuous innovation and seizing the historic opportunity brought about by informatization and intellectualization to advance technological progress in its sector and to become a domestically leading and world-renowned hi-tech enterprise, contributing to social progress.

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