Government and Enterprise Infomatization
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Located in Taiyuan, Government and Enterprise Infomatization Branch is a private-owned hi-tech enterprise specializing in application software development and IT technology service for coal industry and government. With strong teams of engineers, professional technical service teams, and complete quality supervision mechanism, the branch can provide customized service for industry and unit to realize informatization, and also high quality service for project execution, technical consultation and training, and system performance optimization and upgrading.

Relying on mature technology and years of experience in software development, system integration, and information technology service, the branch currently has expanded its businesses in coal industry and government sector. Taking advantage of mature technology and diverse services to provide customers special customized service, the branch has successfully operated many informatization management systems like Shanxi Provincial Food and Drug Administration information database system, and Luliang Municipal Food and Drug Administration informatization platform, etc..The branch has won high recognition and good feedback from its customers. 

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