Military Informatization Branch
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Founded in Xi’an in Aug. 2013, Military Informatization Branch serves for customers in sectors such as army, local defense, and special industries. With professional R & D team and many core technologies, the branch boasts of integral informatizaiton solution capability, integrated maintenance capability, product and service capability, integrated development capability, able to provide IT service in an all round way. The branch has been highly regarded by customers like Beijing military region and Shanxi province military region, etc..

Main businesses include planning, design, execution, and maintenance of military informatization solution; design, development, and maintenance of information system application software; design, execution and maintenance of information system integration. Various products are mainly applied to military daily office work, operational command, intelligence reconnaissance, equipment guarantee, and transition from peace to war.

The branch also engages in informatization businesses from local defense sector and informatizaiton projects deriving from special industries. It can provide customers with information system integration, service integration, process integration, and personalized gateway platform so as to realize daily office work management, special business management, data analysis, decision making aid, customized function development, internal networking office for military departments at all levels, internal share of information, and instant communication. 

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