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Talent strategy
  Shanxi branch Thai micro technology Co., LTD. Was established in 1999, is located in taiyuan high-tech zone, covering an area of 15 mu. The company's main
Products are: data recorder, micro mechanical inertial navigation system, integrated acceleration sensor, Marine indestructible black box, fire control data protection
Implement, has a patent 19, scientific and technological achievements 10 and undertaken national projects and items 。
  11 years of ceaseless enterprising, secco tai has become engaged in inertial navigation system, test system and MEMS sensor design, production and sales of "national high and new technology enterprise operation", a number of products in domestic leader, now have involved the aerospace, aviation, shipping, fire control, petroleum exploration, earthquake monitoring, instrument and apparatus, etc.
As a high-tech business together, the company warmly welcome the following talents to join:
Copyright Company name: KOTEL MICRO TECHNIQUE Co., LTD. SHANXI Add: No. 3 Digit Road. Hi-Tech Development Zone, Taiyuan, Shanxi, P.R.C