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Kotel Aerospace Stand ushered the peak of the audience reception on the first day
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        On 11th May,2016 is the first day of the 10th China International Defense Electronics Exhibition in 2016 , there is a never-ending stream of people in the stand of Kotel. Because of the meticulous customer invitation work carried out in early stage , we ushered the peak  of the audience reception on the first day.Today, the leaders and professional teams from the Central Military Commission and Equipment Development Department, 25 base, Naval Base in Huludao, Spaceflight One Institute, Three Institte, Forth Institute of Science and Industry , CSIC 713 Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences Changchun Institute, 990 Institute, 320 Institute,304 Institute and other related institues gave some instructions at the stand of our company, and had a deep communication concerning the technology and products of our company on scene, and exchanged opinions regarding the following business cooperation. In addition, customers from  Australia, Israel, Kenya  also come to our stand  and proceeded a  preliminary understanding and communication. Customers praised  our company's new image and new face, and gave affirmation to our company's achievements in recent years.


        Throughout the day, the entire reception work is carried in an orderly way, achived the day's customer reception goal. At the same time of proceeding the customer reception work, our staff of the company's technology and market took a  technology and product research in other companys’ stands,looked into the products of the current trend and technology trend.

         In the next two days, we will continue welcome customers all over the world with our warm and thoughtful service.

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