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The second day of the exihibitionm, the Kotel booth is still popular
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Along with the exihibition being held smoothly, today is the second day of the China International Defense Electronic Exihibition, the booth of Kotel is still being very popular. The senior officer from war zone in the central region came to our booth as soon as the exihibition opened this morning and gave some instructions. Later on, leader from the air force equipment department, Luoyang Electronic Equipment Test Centre, Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre, Spaceflight First Institute, Second Institute, Third Institute,Seventh Institute, 304 Factory, 9604 Factory and related department office visited our booth with a group of people seperately, our leaders gave a detailed introduction to them.Besides, people from other companies in the industry also visited our booth and learned the products of our company.The rapid growth of Kotel has attracted many investment organizations, and one of them came to our booth and discussed about the investment.

As a high technology company which synchronously expanded the native and abroad market, this afternoon, the teams which from all over the world visited our booth.


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