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Celebrate that Kotel was awarded “Honour ten sessions,Appreciate being accompanied”by the sponsor
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            In the afternoon of 12th May, the leader of the sponsor came to out company’s stand personally and awarded  “Honour ten sessions,Appreciate being accompanied”trophyIt is learned that the trophy is set specially for the well-known companies in the industry, in order to commemorate the exihibition is held successfully in ten sessions.

So far, Kotel has successfully and continuously attended the exihibition three times, Kotel has successfully established and enhanced the popularity and reputation of the brand in the industry with the help of this platform, the area of the stand is increasing, the content of the display is more and more rich,  the level of the audiance is higher and higher. Then, Kotel will continuously adhere the spirit of being creative and never stop struggling, enlarge the popularity of our company and the industry influence through scale development of the exihibition.

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