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A NEW START—Kotel has successfully finished attending China Defense Electronic Exihibition in 2016
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Along with the Beijing Defense Electronic Exihibition is being closed,  the works of Kotel are gradually being finished,  we have successfully achieved the goals in the exihibition, and learned a lot in the research of the market, develop and maitain  the clients, mold and spread the brand identity. Today, according to the unified planning of our company, except normal client reception activities, we should do some research on related technology and products in the industry,which give instructions and reference to the technology upgrading and products improvement in the next step, never stop improving the innovation ability and core competence.

 Kotel appreciates the high quality communication and propagation platform provided by the sponsor, the friends who are being supportive and focusing on us, collegues who provided help and instructions for this exihibiton in the industry.  Time is limited, but our friendship is not, the end of the exihibition doesn’t mean an ending but a new start, Let us grab the opportiunity and make cooperation with our partners so that we can grow together.

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