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Warm congratulations on KOTEL Testing center acquired the Laboratory Accreditation Certificate
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            The Testing  Center established the system according to the requirements of the National Defense Laboratory, which is completed after continuous improvement,  greatly enhancing the quality consciousness of all the staff, all the work is bing operated strictly according to the requirements of the National Defense Laboratory,met the requirements of standardization in the management. At the same time,the testing center has always been devoting themselves to enhancing the technology and the management ability of meeting the quality requirements, continuous to improve the testing service quality, protect the rights and interests of the clients, enhance the customer confidence in the laboratory.

The testing center submitted the application officially to CNAS and DILAC in Dec. 12,  CNAS and DILAC carried on a on-site examination and field test at the test center according to the CNAS-CL01,DILAC/AC01 and other related application specification in the  electrical testing field, the test items which the center submitted were all being approved by the CNAS and DILAC, and acquired the Laboratory Accreditation Certificate on 16th May officially. The testing center regards this as a new start and keep trying, and will undertake detection task and military evaluation test task in the future, and will be a new business direction and profit growth point.



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